EMC offers a complete range of in-house, contaminated motor repair services, including the capability to perform full scope refurbishment and rewind of Reactor Coolant Pump motors and Reactor Recirculation Pump motors. EMC provides a state-of-the-art repair facility, decontamination capabilities, engineering, experienced refurbishment staff and expertise for handling contaminated components.

EMC maintains a fleet of specialized containers for transporting radioactive RCP's and Re circulation Motors.

About EMC Nuclear Services Building

Staying true to our core value of providing exceptional service and value to our customers, EMC’s Nuclear Services Building was designed, constructed and outfitted with the equipment and tooling necessary to perform all contaminated motor refurbishment and rewind activities in-house. This foresight and investment has eliminated the need for costly and schedule impacting sub-contract services, such as; decontamination, contaminated burnout, SL1 Coatings, Housing Line Bores, core replacement, rewinds, machining services and more. Our continual focus on enhancing our facilities and capabilities, coupled with our aggressive efforts to eliminate non-value added mark-up’s and expenses has enabled EMC to pass a significant savings onto our nuclear customers, all while maintaining a quality track record of ZERO NUPIC findings.