EMC has over 60 years of experience providing electrical and mechanical services to Fossil and Hydro Power Generation customers, with a wide range of needs. Whether it be utility, industrial or government, we can provide in-place generator rewinds and in-shop total rebuilds and upgrades for all of your complex electrical and mechanical equipment. As part of EMC’s growth and progress to provide the best services to our power generation customers. EMC has Engineering staff; combined with our state of the art facilities and field service capabilities to maintain your equipment needs.

Power Generation Services

EMC has served and expanded our electric motor repair services to our total electrical and mechanical service capabilities of today to support Power Generation customers. EMC is the premier repair shop on the east coast with mechanical and electrical equipment repair, engineering services, and field services. Whether it is pump overhauls, switchgear servicing, generator rewinds or electric motor rewinding, we have the total capabilities to insure a quality repair to maintain your plant’s operational uptime. EMC repairs, rewinds and remanufactures rotating poles for hydrogenation and can utilize our experience and facilities for your wind generators. EMC can rebuild all your exciter components and provide testing onsite or in our facilities. EMC has been a SKF Certified Rebuilder of electrical motors since 1995. EMC has a dedicated crew of Quality Assurance Personnel. EMC has maintained an ISO-Certified program since 1999. EMC is a member of EASA, a member of the Large Electric Motor Users Group (LEMUG), Pump Users Group (PUG), International Maintenance Institute, and NETA affiliate. 24-7 EMC is there to assist you in the maintaining of your industrial facility.

EMC is the leading provider of Power Generation repair services, of the highest quality, including:

  • Large and small motor rebuilds/rewinds/upgrades
  • Specialty motors
  • Pump rebuild/repair services
  • Onsite Turnkey projects and engineering/project management
  • Gearboxes
  • Switchgear & Transformer remanufacturing & testing services
  • Onsite Electrical and Mechanical
  • Fans and blowers
  • Compressor motors
  • Conveyors
  • Vibration analysis & Dynamic balancing
  • Laser Alignment