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EMC is experiencing growth in all of our business lines. To sustain this growth we are always looking for high quality personnel to add to our staff.

Please feel free to look through the available position listings and fill out an online application. We welcome resumes from all disciplines relating to our business lines.

Please do not hesitate to submit a resume even if there are no current openings that match your skills.

Machinist Apprentice

We are currently seeking a Machinist Apprentice (DOT CODE 600.280.022). EMC has a state registered apprenticeship program that includes on the job training with formal classroom training through Tidewater Community College.

The selection process:

  • Applicants will review the requirements of the program to consider if they are willing and able to make the commitment and comply with the program terms. Those who believe they can meet the requirements can move to the next phase.
  • Applicants will undergo testing provided by Tidewater Community College to determine readiness to enter the classroom portion of the program. Those with acceptable results can move to the final phase. Applicants already enrolled in college may be able to waive placement testing (proper documentation must be provided; decision is at discretion of EMC/TCC).
  • Interview with EMC Supervisor(s).


Note: Selection, employment, and training of apprentices will be conducted without discrimination because of age, race, color, religion, national origin, and sex.


What are the benefits?

  • EMC covers costs of education for apprentice.
  • Apprentices earn while they learn. In addition to receiving all of the benefits and pay of fulltime staff, apprentices are also given a unique opportunity to receive structured, high quality mentoring and formal education which will reward them with mastering a high skill trade.
  • Apprentices receive college credits and opportunity to earn certificate/degrees.
  • Must be willing to work overtime
  • Apprentices earn a nationally recognized Certificate of Completion and Journeyman card at the successful completion of the program.


EMC also offers other trainee positions. Check out our Careers page for details.

NOTE: This position requires drug and background screening.

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