EMC has been a premier provider of electrical and mechanical repair services to the Petrochemical, Wood and Paper, Mining, Metals and Aggregate Industrial industries for over 60 years. EMC has the technical experience, skilled and trained craftsperson and discipline Engineering staff; combined with our state of the art facilities to maintain and rebuild/repair your equipment needs. We can service your small to large electric motors at our two locations in Chesapeake, VA and Courtland VA.

Industrial Repair Services Comprehensive Capabilities

Electric Motor Services

  • Rewinding up through 13,200 VAC. using epoxy vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI – 12' Diameter Tank) on all form wound motors through 7KV and B-stage hot pressed coils above 7KV
  • Comprehensive machining for shaft repair/replacement, bearing housing repairs, complete internal horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating components, typically to ISO 1940 standards G2.5 and 1.0
  • Replacement of stator laminations with low loss, laser cut laminations
  • Rebuilding of squirrel cage rotors, including rotor bar replacement, laminations, replacement and in some cases, complete new rotor manufacturing
  • Upgrades of existing motors, such as rewinding for increased HP or changing bearing design/configuration for optimum vibration reliability
  • Full voltage no load testing of all motors up through 18,000HP @ 13.2KV
  • IEEE 429/NEMA MG-1 Water Submergence test approved on VPI coils
  • Dynamometer full load testing up to 2500HP
  • Large motor disassembly, reassembly and testing stands
  • 50,000 square foot, 3 story high ceiling bay
  • 60 ton crane capacity with a 60 foot hook height
  • Dynamic balancing to 12.5 tons
  • 3.75 MVA power supply with 13.8 KV capability
  • Burnout and bake oven
  • Vertical and horizontal lathes
  • Service Level 1 coatings

Mechanical Services

  • Vertical and horizontal pump repair
  • Casing repair and re-machining
  • Custom design, re-design and machining
  • Rotating equipment repair and manufacturing
  • New stator and rotor fabrication
  • Specialty coating services
  • Repair and manufacturing of Babbitt bearings
  • Lathes up to 63" x 28" Center to Center
  • Vertical Boring Mill up to 7' x 7' x 5' Cube
  • Vertical Turret lathe with 10' rotating bed
  • Non Destructive testing

Pump Services

  • Inspection, Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving
  • Turnkey Pump Removal, Transportation, Installation, Alignment and Start-Up
  • Vibration A`nalysis and Laser Alignment
  • Field Machining
  • Complete Disassembly, Cleaning and Inspection
  • Comprehensive Repairs Including Remanufacturing OEM Parts and Components to Original or Better Than Original Materials Specifications
  • CMM-Aided Reverse Engineering
  • Precision Dynamic Balancing of Individual Components and Rotating Assemblies
  • Modernization and Upgrades Including New Shafts, Bearings, Impellers and Wear Ring Materials
  • Modernization, Repair and Upgrades of Connected Equipment Including Gearboxes, Couplings, and Motors
  • In-House Media Blasting
  • Non-Destructive Testing, Including Liquid Dye Penetration, Mag Particle and Ultrasonic
  • Engineered Coating Systems for Improved Service Life and Efficiency
  • Certified Welding Program and Welders

Switchgear Testing, Repair, & Overhaul

  • Molded-Case Circuit B`reakers
  • Switchgear and Circuit Breakers (Air & Vacuum) Up To 15 KV
  • Protective Relay and Instrument Testing
  • Replacement Breakers and Pans (New and Obsolete)
  • Turnkey Projects – Switchgear/Transformers
  • Start-Up Services and Training

Field Services – Electrical

  • Contracting: Master Electrician
  • Engineering: Process Design, Electrical Design, Estimating, and Field Management
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Motor Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Troubleshooting: Motors, Generators, Controls, etc.
  • Authorized Service Center for Toshiba Variable Speed Drives

Field Services – Mechanical

  • Vibration Analysis: Monitoring Trending and Analysis
  • Laser A`lignment
  • In-Place Dynamic Balancing
  • Mechanical Troubleshooting: Pumps, Gearboxes, Turbines, Shafts, and Spindles
  • On-Site Equipment Repairs, Removals, and Reinstallation

Power Distribution Services

Transformer Testing

  • Transformer Inspection and Testing Up To 230 KV
  • Doble (Power Factor) Test of Windings and Bushings
  • Megger Insulation and TTR Test
  • Oil Analysis
  • Infrared Analysis of Energized Units

Relay Testing

  • Testing and Calibration of Electromechanical and Electronic Protective Relays
  • Design and Install Retrofits of Older Protection Schemes to New Microprocessor-Based Protection Relays

Full Substation Testing, Service, & Repair

  • Power Circuit Breakers, SF6 Gas, Vacuum and Oil Breakers to 230 KV
  • Voltage Regulators, Tap Changers
  • Control Systems (Functional Testing)
  • Acceptance Testing, Start-Up
  • Ground Grid Testing
  • KWH Meter Testing

Storage Capabilities

  • Level A climate-Controlled Storage Facility
  • Monthly Preventative Maintenance Performed on Stored Customer Equipment