Radioactive Materials

Excellence in Service & Customer Commitment

EMC maintains a comprehensive Radiation Safety Program based in proven programs and procedures.

Our Program is modeled on the United States Navy's Radiation Protection Program and is staffed by personnel having a combined experience of over 50 years in the field.

This depth of experience allows our staff to operate at a high level of efficiency while still providing the utmost protection to our employees, neighbors, and the general public.

Radioactive Materials at EMC

Radioactive Materials EMC is licensed by the State of Virginia to possess and use radioactive material. Our license can be viewed and downloaded from our website. Our license enables us to repair, refurbish, maintain, and store radioactively contaminated components. The license also allows us to possess and use radioactive material throughout our entire site. All four of our service facilities can handle radioactive material.

The EMC radioactive materials license is backed up by a full and complete radiological controls program. We have chosen to base our program on the philosophy pioneered by the United State Navy for controlling radioactive material. To implement this philosophy we have chosen a staff that possess over 25 years of direct experience in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

Contact Joe Harverson for more information on the radioactive materials program.