For over 60 years EMC has been re-manufacturing Electric Motors from our centrally located Campus in Chesapeake, VA. Our location allows us to easily serve the maritme, water/waste water, power and industrial markets.

EMC Motors Comprehensive Capabilities

Equipment Repair, Reconditioning and Upgrading Motor Services

  • Rewinding up through 13,200 VAC, using epoxy vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)on all form wound motors through 7 KV and B-stage hot pressed coils above 7 KV
  • Comprehensive machining for shaft repair/replacement, bearing housing repairs, complete internal horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating components, typically to ISO 1940 standards G2.5 and 1.0
  • Replacement of stator laminations with low loss, laser cut laminations
  • Rebuilding of squirrel cage rotors, including rotor bar replacement, laminations replacement and in some cases, complete new rotor manufacturing
  • Upgrades of existing motors, such as rewinding for increased HP or changing bearing design/configuration for optimum vibration and reliability
  • Full voltage no load testing of all motors up through 18,000 HP @ 13.8 KV
  • IEEE 429/NEMA MG-1 Water Submergence test approved on VPI coils
  • Dynamometer full load testing up to 2500 HP
  • Large motor disassembly, reassembly and testing stands
  • 50,000 square foot, 3 story high ceiling bay
  • 60 ton crane capacity with a 55 foot hook height
  • 20,000 lb. capacity dynamic balancing machine
  • 3.75 MVA power supply with 13.8 KV capability

Field Services


  • Contracting: Master Electrician
  • Engineering: Process design, electrical design, estimating & field management
  • Preventive & predictive maintenance
  • Motor testing
  • Infrared thermography
  • Troubleshooting: Motors, Generators, Controls, etc.
  • Authorized Service Center for Toshiba variable speed drives
  • Dry Ice Cleaning
  • Rewinding in Place


  • Vibration analysis: Monitoring trending & analysis
  • Laser alignment
  • In-place dynamic balancing
  • Mechanical troubleshooting: Pumps, gearboxes, turbines, shafts & spindles
  • On-site repairs

Storage Capabilities

  • Climate controlled storage facility
  • Monthly preventative maintenance preformed on stored customer equipment